Smoothies In The Summer

I've been loving the recent sunshine so much! Nothing is better than relaxing out in the garden with a good book, some music, my snazzy new sunglasses and a lovely summery drink.

When it comes to the summer my drinks always become so OTT, I'm all about the straws, the cocktail umbrellas, the funky glasses and my light up flashing ice cubes (seriously its like Vegas in a glass). However on a much more classy front I've been dying to make these mason jar sippy cups since the very first time I saw them! They are just really cool and quirky and perfectly fit my summer drink desires as they are portable and so perfect for taking with you on walks or picnics or (if you're much less active like me) sitting on a lounger out in the sun.

Making the sippy cups is really easy (let's face it I can do it) what you will need is:

- A mason jar
- A rubber washer
- Water resistant glue (make sure it is ok to use with food and drink)
- A drill
- A straw

To make the jars...
1. Measure your straw against the washer to make sure the straw will fit through
2. Then just remove the screw top and the lid and mark the centre of the lid
3. Drill a hole in the lid on that centre mark that is the size of the hole in your washer
4. Wash the washers to make sure they are sanitary
5. Carefully apply the glue to the perimeter of the hole on the metal side of the lid then glue your washer on to make sure that the metal doesn't cut you when you wash your sippy cup
6. Leave the glue to set then glue a washer to the other side if there is sharp metal exposed (there wasn't for me so I didn't)
7. Once all the glue is set you can put your summer beverage into your sippy cup

Me and my mum made strawberry, raspberry and ginger smoothies which were absolutely delicious and I would definitely recommend - you can find the recipe on her blog here. I hope you guys are all enjoying your summer too!


  1. Mason jars for smoothies, lemonade and other fresh juices is a great idea! they look so vintage and lovely! 'It's like vegas in a glass' ahah I may try your recipes, I'm not a huge fan of ginger though...but I'll give it a go! :) xx,Jo.

    1. Haha thank you! You should definitely try it I think it just adds a different dimension to the sweetness which is lovely :-)

  2. I think mason jars are absolutely adorable, and I love how you included the steps to make a mason jar cup for my own! That smoothie sounds so good too--I've been craving one recently, so I might need to give that one a try. Great summery post!

    Maggie D. xx

    1. Thanks :-) It is really good I think the recipe is gunna go up tomorrow so you should definitely check it out! :-)

  3. The jar looks so cool and oryginal :).

  4. HA "Vegas in a cup" I agree it is wayyy more fun to drink boring things if your cup is fun!

  5. yum !! loving your blog .

    I am following you now :)