NYX In Next!

So this is my last post in my mini beauty haul series (is it really a series I'm not sure...we'll just go with it). Personally this is the post I'm the most excited about, you may not be and that's ok we're all different people in this world but still...I think it's pretty exciting!

So if you are like me and are in the UK you may have seen other beauty bloggers, youtubers etc talking about the US based makeup brand NYX with the little green goblin of envy in your eyes as they talked about how amazing the blushes are and casually discussed the many colours they own of the very affordable Jumbo Eye Pencils. You may have then gone home and cried into your pillow about how unfair life is and consolidated yourself with the fact that they do have an online shop (although the 'very affordable' prices seem somewhat less affordable when you have to pay £5 delivery). Well no more!

I was walking around the Metrocentre at home (it's in Gateshead near Newcastle) and I was looking for a few odds and ends after having just been to Boots and Superdrug and bought my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brushes and my MUA Pretty Edgy Palette and decided to pop into Next to have a look at their jeans (which I love by the way) and their shoes. I was walking around at the back of the shop near the shoe section when all of a sudden I noticed a randomly placed new display with the big letters NYX on the top! It wasn't there last time I was home (as far as I know) and I haven't seen one in any other Next shop so I don't know if it's being rolled out across all stores but it was there!

I won't lie to you all the display wasn't huge and there wasn't as much of a range of colours as there are online but they sold the blushes, the Jumbo Eye Pencils, their matte lipsticks, lip glosses (I think they were megashine but I could be wrong) and a bunch of other stuff I can't quite remember.

I did get (possibly a little bit too) excited and there was one point where I had about 6 different products in my hands but then I decided to be a little more restrained and I ended up picking up a Jumbo Eye Pencil in the colour 620 Bronze and one of their matte lipsticks (which as far as I can tell are called matte lipsticks) in the colour Bloody Mary. Very restrained (pats self on back).

The matte lipstick is really nice and I really like it! Firstly (as always) the packaging is really cool (my boyfriend says it looks like a nuclear power cell and I'm inclined to agree), it is very sleek and kinda space-age looking and strangely expensive looking for a drugstore priced lipstick. It applies quite smoothly which is nice and is very creamy for a matte lip. I love the colour which is a rich red with pinky undertones and I like the way it looks on the lips.

Although the formula is supposed to be matte I've found it to have a slight sheen in the light, I mean to say it definitely isn't glossy but it isn't quite fully matte either its more of a happy medium. It does transfer quite easily though and (not exactly being the most graceful/elegant/poised of people) I get it all over my hands, drinks, clothes, everywhere! However despite this it does manage to stay on your lips for quite some time (no I don't understand it either) though you would probably want to top it up for good measure anyway.

The Jumbo Eye Pencils...what can I say? I'm sold! I love love love it! For those of you who may not have used this or pencil eyeshadows shadows before this works in that you apply the shadow to your eyelids much like you would draw with a pencil and then once applied the shadow is slightly more creamy than a regular pressed powder eyeshadow, slightly less creamy than a cream eyeshadow (another happy medium). 

I bought this colour because I really wanted to try a coppery toned/bronzey colour and this fit the bill. It is very pigmented and quite orangey toned (probably more than I would have preferred) but you can put it on then blend it out with your fingers or a brush to mute the colour somewhat but my favourite way is to apply Downtown from the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette over the top because that shadow is a rose gold/coppery shade anyway and when applied over the top of this it really brings out the bronzy/copper undertones.

Now I'll be honest I always apply this with a primer underneath because I've heard it creases like hell and (I'm a terrible beauty reviewer I know) I haven't had a day yet since buying this where I am prepared to test out the theory with the possibility of becoming crease-zilla. But with a primer this works amazingly and stays all day which is awesome and doesn't crease leaving me looking fabulous all day.

Have you tried any NYX products?? I loved these so I really want to try some more so if you could leave me some recommendations I'll love you forever! 


  1. The NYX jumbo eye pencils really do crease like hell, definitely use with a primer! I like pencil in Milk, it's a perfect base to make any shadows pop!

  2. Every time I go into Next I hope to find these! No such luck yet. Soon.
    Jasmine xo | www.rabbitwoodblog.co.uk

    1. Thats a shame :-/ I think there are lists online where you can see which stores stock it :-)

  3. I'll have to check all the Next shops in my area now!

    1. Yeah you should! Don't know if they are in every store but they are in the ones near me! :-)

  4. I definitely need to go check out Next now! I bought some NYX products when I was in the US a couple of years ago and they are really good quality for being so cheap. would love if you could check out my blog! X


    1. I will definitely check out your blog now :-)

  5. Great post love!
    Following you now via GFC,hope you'll do the same:))

  6. So glad I came across your post- I’ve been looking for these for a while! Off to Next I go...!x