Gloomaway On A Gloomy Day - Gloomaway Body Soufflé

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In my last post I said how excited I was for summer now the weather is turning and I think I may have jinxed it as the temperature is gradually dropping back down and the clouds are rolling in. As I type the rain is beating a sad rhythm against my window washing away my dreams of sun.

Rain window
Outside my window

It is on days like today that I want to use summery feeling products like my Origins GloomawayGrapefruit Body Soufflé. I received this as a Christmas present from my parents and at first I was taken aback by the unseasonal scent. When it says it smells of grapefruit it really SMELLS of grapefruit (so if you don't like that scent then it won't be for you) however I really like it so that was all well and good, I just thought it a strange scented present to receive in winter. 

However the product seemed too nice to leave in the back of my drawer until summer so I started using it right away and that was when the name 'Gloomaway' really came into its own. On the back of the tub it claims to create a feeling of 'optimism and content' and I swear it really does! The fragrance is so summery and warm, and it just fills up the room you are in so that it feels like a waft of warm air bringing a taste of summer to you. The scent even lingers on the skin so that it is almost like carrying that feeling around with you all day. Mmmm...

Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Souffle
Even the lid is sunny!

Just had to pause to put some on there! Other than the scent (which I know I've raved about but is really only half the story) it also works amazingly as a moisturiser. I've only ever used one other product which referred to itself as a body soufflé and that had a very solid texture so I was quite surprised to find that this has a nice, lightweight, whipped texture to it which just melts into the skin as soon as you start massaging it in.

I also have quite dull dry skin so I am extremely impressed with this product! I mainly apply it to my arms and legs and my arms have become the smoothest I've ever seen them and my legs...! It gives that freshly shaved feeling to my legs (even when they haven't been) where I want to walk everywhere in a stupid criss cross fashion so they can rub together as much as possible because they are that silky soft! I just love it! Plus (since I've been using this pretty much non stop since Christmas in very liberal amounts) it lasts for a long time as I haven't even used a third of it yet.

Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Souffle
Whipped to perfection...

In case all of the above hasn't convinced you of how great this product is it is also paraben free, paraffin free and Origins don't test their products on animals so it is good for you and you can feel good about it too!


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