A Quick Post About A Not So Quick Shop

Well its my last day of this semester before I go home to my big double bed (oh how I've missed you) and my snuggly little cat (who will be so happy to see me...not!). Because it's my last week I've been really busy especially the last couple of days so today I decided to do something nice and go shopping!

I realise this probably wasn't the smartest idea since I'm busy till late tonight and I leave early tomorrow and haven't even started packing yet (don't stress out Chloe!). But I thought a nice shopping trip with my flatmate before she leaves this evening would be a nice way to wind down for the holidays. Also Topshop had a sale on...

Haul River Island Topshop Sale AC/DC Playsuit T-shirt Blue Satchel
The damage

Both the tops were from Topshop (very aptly named) and were both in the sale, the mini satchel was also from Topshop in the sale and the playsuit was from River Island (it wasn't in the sale but I couldn't resist!). Have you guys bought anything in the sales recently??


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    1. Thanks! As I say it wasn't in the sales but I'm sure I'll wear it loads because its just so pretty! :-)