A Tip, A Chat and A Cupcake

Well today is Wednesday otherwise known as 'hump day' (a little fact I learnt when I was younger from playing Animal Crossing) and before your minds start working it is called 'hump day' because you're halfway through the metaphorical hill that is the week and after this you're speeding towards the weekend.

I've never been a huge fan of Wednesdays personally because when I was in school I always seemed to have my worst lessons on a Wednesday and that feeling of dread waking up on a Wednesday morning knowing its non stop maths, P.E and physics till the end of the day has never really left me. However as far as Wednesdays go today hasn't been too bad! Plus I've tried out quite a few things today I'd recommend for you to try...

One thing that has made today quite nice is that last night I saw a video by Tati (aka Glam Life Guru on YouTube) who was saying in one of her Tip Tuesday videos that if you switch around the order you shampoo and condition your hair in the shower (i.e. condition your hair, wash your body, rinse out the conditioner, THEN shampoo) it leaves your hair silkier, more volumised etc. Now in my hair tutorial post I told you how my hair just doesn't do anything in particular or hold a style so when I heard this I thought I should try it out just to see (plus Tati's hair in the video looked so gorgeous I just had to!).

Me with my (largely) frizz free hair - I have been out in the
wind a bit today!

I've got to say my hair has been feeling amazingly silky smooth all day (I was wandering around combing it with my fingers all morning) and it was quite easy to style this morning which I was impressed with as my hair desperately needs the TLC of the hairdressers at the minute and so I've been getting a lot of frizz and flyaways which just won't go away no matter how much I straighten my hair! Today zilch; one going over with the straighteners and not a flyaway in sight! Admittedly I don't have any extra volume but if you have more style-able hair than mine you might just, plus I was slightly scared to shampoo my scalp too much for fear of washing out all the conditioner so that could also have been a factor.

Also today I have been baking cupcakes with my mum for her food blog (a bit of mother/daughter bonding never hurt right??) and they are delicious!! The cupcakes were chocolate and chilli and vanilla and lavender and they were both so so so nice! My mum's food blog is The Crispy Crouton and she'll be posting a recipe soon so be sure to have a look because they were gorgeous! 

Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes
Vanilla and lavender cupcake (L) and chocolate and
chilli cupcake (R)

I realise this is becoming the most random post I've written yet (well maybe not quite but still) so I just thought I'd throw another random thing that I would recommend. I was watching the music channel the other day and it was a 90's show and this song was playing and I really loved it it was just super chilled and summery feeling so I downloaded it and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since (listening to it now and singing along). The song is Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry and I just can't get enough!

Let me know if you try any of these out! 


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