Top 6 Nail Polishes For Summer

When it turns to summer nail polish seems to go from being a thing you occasionally do to a necessity! You see your chipped toenails peaking through your sandals and wonder where you went wrong in life and suddenly that bubblegum pink lipstick just can't be worn with your favourite dress because you haven't got the nail varnish to match.

Ok so it's not really all that big of a deal but I do feel like nail polish comes into it's own in the summer because there are suddenly no rules; its not about those rich, dark autumn winter colours or the pretty pastels of spring its about being as loud and bold or as demure and neutral as you like. It may not surprise you to discover that I am in the loud and bold category when it comes to summer
polish but I thought I'd show you what my favourite polish pics for summer are!

Clockwise from top left; Gold Mine, Passion Fruit, Papaya, Teal the Cows
Come Home, Mint Candy Apple, Pearly Blue Peacock

- M&S Limited Collection Metallic Polish in Gold Mine: this colour is a perfect silvery, goldy, shimmery neutral. I think it is perfect for those days when you want to wear something really simple and feel like a natural summer beauty with just that little something extra. It doesn't have great staying power though so I would recommend using with a good top coat.

- Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints in Passion Fruit and Papaya: these polishes are extremely shiny (in case you hadn't guessed from the name) but are also really thick which is something you have to bear in mind when applying them so that you don't have to wait forever for your nails to be dry. However they last for ages and the colours are gorgeous! Passion fruit is the perfect orangey toned red that's really bold but just screams summer while Papaya is a much more understated yet equally summery peachy colour which looks great with just about anything.

- O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Teal the Cows Come Home: This was my very first O.P.I nail polish and I think it is perfect for summer! The colour is the same blue as the sea in tropical countries and I just think it looks like a beach holiday, its just gorgeous, plus I really like the formula.

- Essie Nail Lacquer in Mint Candy Apple: a cult classic, this polish is just so cute and I love the mint colour so much. I'm a fan of the mint dress so I have a couple I love to crack out in summer and this polish just matches perfectly.

- Kiko Nail Lacquer in Pearly Blue Peacock: similar to Teal the Cows Come Home I love this polish because it reminds me of the sea and the sand and holidays when I look at it. Being a sparkly blue polish with golden undertones this is more jazzy than the O.P.I one and if I just want to dazzle this is the polish I would reach for this summer.

So there you go my favourite polishes for this summer! What are your favourites??


  1. I love the anem of Teal the Cows Come Home and the sjade looks amazing! I definitely want to pick it up and give it a try!

    1. I love that polish too it's just such a pretty colour! :-)

  2. that barry m one looks amazing!

    from helen at

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    1. I find the Barry M ones are really great formulas :-)

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